Haggen Building Brighter Futures Together

Since 1933 Haggen Northwest Fresh has been a welcoming neighbor and faithful partner, always willing to lend a helping hand. They strive to create vibrant neighborhoods where people love to live. They gladly accept donation requests from nonprofit organizations providing services in the communities where their stores are located and that focus on their initiatives.

Haggen Northwest Fresh aligns themselves with these principles when they give back to the community: Youth and Education, Community Wellness, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Hunger. Those are the standards they oblige by and use it to give back to the communities just like ours.

Haggen Northwest Fresh has partnered up with the Boys & Girls Club of Skagit County to help make positive social changes to ensure all our members live a healthy and educated lifestyle. They started this fundraiser in 2021 and were able to raise over $280,000 for all organizations apart of the fundraiser. In 2022, it was continued and raised $234,000 for the organizations.

They collectively raised over $3 million granted to local organizations, projects and community support since September 2020. This year they will continue to help raise the necessary funds for educational purposes for our Club Members across Skagit County. 

From now until March 7th, 2023 when you shop at a Haggen Northwest Fresh you can donate to the cause of Building Brighter Futures Together. When you make a purchase at Haggen Northwest Fresh your cashier will ask if you want to round up your total to donate. 

This small action will help create a bigger impact for the children in our organization ensuring they have the necessary tools and education to succeed and do their due diligence for the next generation.

Use these Haggen Northwest Fresh locations to make your donations when you shop:

Mount Vernon Haggen Northwest Fresh

Address : 2601 E Division St, Mount Vernon, WA 98274

Burlington Haggen Northwest Fresh

Address: 757 Haggen Dr, Burlington, WA 98233