A Place to Become

Boys & Girls Clubhouses provide a lot to our members: a place to feel safe, away from the pressure of the world outside; a place where friends come together to laugh, share, and learn; a place to achieve and be recognized; a place to dream, aspire and not just imagine the future, but also see the way there.

For generations, the Boys & Girls Clubs have been seen as a place to be. A place to be safe, to be positive, to be productive, and to be fun. But Clubs are more than that. Not just a haven, or a place to be yourself, Clubs are a place to grow, to mature, to receive support & encouragement. A place for developing relationships, and receiving mentorship—because the Clubs ensure that every member has the opportunity to explore the world around them, and build the future.

The Boys & Girls Clubs are a place to become. All the programs that happen at the Clubs, and all the staff mentorship that goes on each day is focused on serving our kids, and providing the opportunities that change lives. When our team pledges that “great futures start here,” it’s because we see growth that is possible, and we see the difference that can be made. For more than thousands of kids, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County is a place to become great.