Launch Camp

August 13-16
Sponsored by Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline, this free camp will be offered to middle school aged youth entering 6th thru 8th grade this fall. Located at LaVenture Middle School from 9am to 3pm. Activities will include building a telescope, launching rockets, and planning a mission to mars!
Location: La Venture Middle School (1100 N. LaVenture Rd)
Dates: August 13-16 
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm.
Number of participants: 25-30
Ages: Youth entering 6th through 8th grade this fall, on a first come first come first served basis.
Cost: Free
How to Register: Participants can register at the Admin office (1605 William Way, STE B, Mount Vernon), the Mount Vernon Club(1100 N. LaVenture Rd), or online below. 
What to bring: Water, Sunscreen. Lunch will be provided at the Mount Vernon Club.
For more info: Contact Nathan Allen at 360-419-3723 x4 or Brian Gustafson at 360-428-6108 x31177
Day 1: making telescopes/cameras
Day 2: designing, building, and flying kites and gliders
Day 3: launching rockets – multiple different types (egg, water, model rockets)
Day 4: designing a mission to Mars
This project is sponsored by: Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline (NESSP)