Launch Camp

Location: La Venture Middle School (1100 N. LaVenture Rd)
Dates: August 13-16 
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm.
Number of participants: 25-30
Ages: Youth entering 6th through 8th grade this fall, on a first come first come first served basis.
Cost: Free
How to Register: Participants can register at the Admin office (1605 William Way, STE B, Mount Vernon), the Mount Vernon Club(1100 N. LaVenture Rd), or online below. 
What to bring: Water, Sunscreen. Lunch will be provided at the Mount Vernon Club.
For more info: Contact Nathan Allen at 360-419-3723 x4 or Brian Gustafson at 360-428-6108 x31177
Day 1: making telescopes/cameras
Day 2: designing, building, and flying kites and gliders
Day 3: launching rockets – multiple different types (egg, water, model rockets)
Day 4: designing a mission to Mars
This project is sponsored by: Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline (NESSP)

Launch Camp Registration

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  • Parent Data

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Medications and Restrictions

  • Please list ALL the medications such as pills or inhalers your child are using (right now)
  • Please list any allergies (including food allergies)
  • Please list any activities that need to be limited or restricted while at camp
  • Statement of Interest

    Please tell us why your child would like to attend the Northwest Earth and Space Sciences STEM Summer Camp and how they think it is relevant for their education

  • Section 1:
    Name of the Camp: Launch Camp
    Organized by: Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County and funded by the Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline
    Summer Camp Administrative Coordinator: Nathan Allen, Telephone: (360) 419-3723 x4
    Camp date(s): August 13-16
    Equipment/supplies to be provided: Lunch at the Mount Vernon Club
    By participant: snacks, sunscreen, water bottle

    Physical activities to be undertaken include: walking, standing in sunlight, sports or similar activities Risks inherent in this summer day camp include bodily injury due to: accidental collisions with other camp participants, tripping/falling over uneven ground, unpredictable reactions to contact with plant materials, bee stings, insect bites, lightning strikes, falling into ponds or lake, falling tree material, injuries from working with craft tools, sunburn, and dehydration.

    Section 2:
    I acknowledge that there are certain risks inherent in summer day camps, including but not limited to those indicated in Section 1. I acknowledge that all risks cannot be prevented and I assume those risks beyond the control of the Camp staff. I represent that my minor child is able, with or without accommodation, to participate in this summer day camp, is able to use the equipment and/or supplies described above, and has obtained the required immunizations.

    (in case you have field trips) Should my minor child require emergency medical treatment as a result of accident or illness arising during the field trip, I consent to such treatment. I acknowledge that and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County does not provide health and accident insurance for summer day camp participants and I agree to be financially responsible for any medical bills incurred as a result of emergency medical treatment. I will notify the trip leader in writing if my minor child has medical conditions about which emergency medical personnel should be informed.

    Section 3:
    − If field trips/visits are scheduled, my child has my permission to attend scheduled field trips.
    − My child has my permission to participate in activities that involve water while under the supervision of the Summer Camp staff or its representatives (during camp only).
    − My child has my permission to participate in outdoor activities, weather permitting, while under the supervision of the Summer Camp staff or its representatives.
    − I understand that the state law mandates that Summer Camp staff report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities for investigation.
    − I understand that all precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and health of my child. I further understand that neither the Summer Camp nor its representatives shall be held liable or responsible for medical treatment in case of illness, accident, or other emergency situation as may occur while my child is participating in Summer Camp programs.

    Section 4:
    To request disability accommodations for this summer day camp, please contact Nathan Allen at (360) 419-3723.

    Section 5:
    In consideration of the acceptance of my application for the above program, I hereby waive, release, and discharge any and all claims for damages for personal injury, property damages or which may hereafter occur to me as a result of participation in said event.

    This release is intended to discharge in advance Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline and the Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium, Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County, its officials, officers, employees, volunteers and agents from liability. It is understood that some recreational activities involve an element of risk or danger of accidents, and knowing those risks, I hereby assume those risks. It is further understood and agreed that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is to be binding on my heirs and assignees.

    By clicking "I Agree" below, I agree that I have read and understand the foregoing registration Liability Release and Parental Consent Form, and agree to all of its terms and conditions.
    Clicking Disagree will void your child's registration.

  • Media Release for Parent and Minor:
    I certify that I am the legal guardian of the Child listed in this form and I do hereby give permission for the above-named minor child (hereinafter "Minor") to be photographed and/or videotaped by NASA, its representatives, and Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County. I understand and agree that the photographs and/or videotapes containing the image and/or voice of the Minor may be used in the production of instructional and/or promotional materials produced by or on behalf of NASA and Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County (hereinafter the "Program") and that such materials may be distributed or broadcast to the public and displayed publicly. I also understand that my permission to use the photographs and videotapes is for an unlimited duration and that neither I nor the Minor will receive any compensation for granting this permission or for the use, if any, by NASA and Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County of the Minor's image and/or voice.

    I acknowledge that NASA and Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County has no obligation to use the Minor's image or voice in connection with the Program.

    I hereby unconditionally release NASA and Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County and its representatives from any and all claims and demands arising out of the activities authorized under the terms of this agreement.

    By clicking "I Agree" below, I represent that I am at least 18 years of age and am the parent/guardian/legal representative of the above-named Minor. I have read the foregoing agreement and am familiar with all of the terms and conditions thereof and I consent to its execution by the Minor. I agree that neither I nor the Minor will revoke or disaffirm this agreement at any time.
    You may revoke this permission due to the child's safety considerations. Please email a request for a Public Relations Denial form to This form must be filled out and submitted prior to the start of camp.