Formula for Impact

Our Clubs are a safe, positive, fun place for youth to go during after-school, and summer hours. Through regular attendance, youth create lasting friendships with their peers, and can look to staff as trusted mentors to turn to for support. Programs at the Club are choice-based and focus on our three priority outcomes. These programs are designed, through curriculum support from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to offer fun, with a purpose.

Priority Outcomes

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County offers Targeted Programs to meet the significant and specific needs of our members at each of our Clubs. The goal of all our programs, as outlined in the Formula for Impact, is to help our Members achieve success with three Priority Outcomes:  Academic SuccessHealthy Lifestyles, and Good Character & Citizenship.

Programs are pulled from our five Core Program Areas: Education & Career, Character & Leadership, Health & Life Skills, the Arts, and Sports, Fitness & Recreation.  The Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County also offers other Specialized Programs.  These initiatives focus on meeting additional needs identified within our communities and schools.

To learn more about specific Targeted Programs – use the links under the Learn, Live, Lead icons.

Young People Who Need Us Most

Who are the young people who need us most? At first, we may not know. First, we must provide the opportunity for youth to come through that blue door. We may not see the impact of our Clubs at first, yet the spirit of our mission is renewed each time we see a young life changed for the better. We have the data from National and local surveys and studies that tell the story of how our Clubs positively affect youth. And we have our personal success stories and moments that we continually witness.

OUR MISSION: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential, as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

OUR VALUES: Fun, Respect, Integrity, Community, and Acceptance.

Outcome-Driven Club Experience

REGULAR ATTENDANCE: Attendance serves as the foundation of the Boys & Girls Club measurement strategy. To effectively demonstrate impact, Clubs must know who is in their building, how frequently they attend and in which programs they participate. In order to attract new members, retain existing members and encourage members to attend more often, we know that a Club must provide a powerful Club Experience. Therefore, measuring attendance and participation also helps the Club assess the effectiveness of its Club Experience.

Studies have shown that Club Members who attend at least 52 times per year are most likely to reach our priority outcomes. Each of our Clubs strive to increase our average daily attendance (to get as many Members in our Clubs as possible each day) and to improve our retention/renewal rates (keeping our Members in the Club through high school graduation).

HIGH-YIELD ACTIVITIES: Fun with a purpose! These activities are designed to provide Members with fun experiences that are hands-on, interactive and intentionally develop critical thinking or other skills.

Supporting all three Priority Outcome areas is the responsibility of every Club staff member. Our goal is to infuse Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles outcomes into every Targeted Program at each of our Clubs.

TARGETED PROGRAMS: These curriculum-based programs combine elements of fun and learning, while working towards helping our members achieve the following priority outcomes.

FIVE KEY ELEMENTS: Through extensive research, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America identified Five Key Elements that make it possible for Clubs to assure positive developmental experiences for our Members.

  • A Safe, Positive Environment: Our Clubs are a safe haven where Members feel physically and emotionally secure at all times. Club Staff, facilities, program offerings and age-appropriate settings create stability, consistency and a sense of safety for members.
  • Fun: Attendance at our Clubs is choice-based, and so are our programs. Our members vote with our feet, and engage in the programs that appeal to them. That is why fun is key to participation.
  • Supportive Relationships: Youth at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults. Staff members actively cultivate such relationships to ensure that every member feels connected to one or more adults and peers. Staff members demonstrate warmth, caring, appreciation, acceptance and proper guidance in their interactions with Members
  • Opportunity: Our Club Members acquire physical, social, technological, artistic and life skills through attendance at the Clubs as well as the tools to develop moral character and behave ethically. Staff members establish and reinforce high expectations and help our young people to do well in school and to pursue a post-secondary education.
  • Recognition: We recognize and affirm our young people’s self-worth and accomplishments. Staff members encourage our youth and provide positive reinforcement as they make improvements and experience successes, as we showcase their achievements through our Youth of the Month and Youth of the Year programs, awards presentations, and healthy incentives and rewards.