Dinner with Friends

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Beginning in the fall, members from each local Club started working with a staff mentor to prepare for Youth of the Year, a program that recognizes and seeks to celebrate those members who embrace & embody the characteristics of leadership and service, academic success, and healthy lifestyles. Staff mentors help each Club member with essay writing, as well as interviewing and public speaking skills, to showcase their achievements and development. Participants are presented with many opportunities to practice and hone their skills, in front of their peers, the public, and a panel of selected community judges. Being named Youth of the Year is the highest honor a Club member can achieve. Candidates can earn scholarship funds and are presented with opportunities to meet and make connections with prominent key individuals in their prospective fields.

Each Club holds their own Dinner with Friends event in November where their Club’s Youth of the Year will be named, as well as several awards to Club members, highlighting their achievements. Learn more by clicking on your Club.