Give the Gift of a GREAT Future

Meet Mo and Johanna. Mo (pictured far right, front row) is in 2nd grade, and he loves coming to the Club to see his friends, learn, and help out wherever he can. Johanna (pictured 3rd from right, back row) is in 9th grade, and for her, the Club is a place to be herself, where she can not only discover her dreams for the future, but find ways to make them come true. They’re both bright and funny. And I bet they remind you of someone you know: a niece, a neighbor, or maybe your own child.

Every day after school, these kids come to the Mount Vernon Boys & Girls Club. At the Club, they get to play with friends, draw, and get help with their homework. Mo reads every day. Johanna loves to make her community better, by planning with her friends in Keystone Club, then taking action through volunteering. This November, Mo was awarded Boy of the Year for the Mount Vernon Club. Johanna was the runner-up in Mount Vernon’s Youth of the Year competition—but you should see the smile that bursts onto her face when she talks about how the Club has changed her life! Great Futures are in store for Johanna, Mo, and so many more Skagit kids, thanks to the support coming from our community.

Johanna and Mo are thankful for the Club. When their parents are busy providing for their here and now, the Club offers them a positive place to be, where they can gain skills and build relationships that will support their future. Johanna, Mo and hundreds more kids just like them don’t have to walk home alone to an empty house. They won’t be watching TV or playing video games until their parents come home. They’re less likely to struggle in school, because they have people at the Clubs to help with their studies. All of this and more happens when kids join the Club.

Because of you, kids like Mo & Johanna have somewhere special to go when the school bells ring. At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County, kids get homework help, computer access, fun activities, field trips, a hot meal, and so much more. The Club is a community of support, designed around kids’ needs, and a home away from home. It’s not just the staff & programs at the Clubs that make Mo & Johanna smile, it’s the opportunities the Clubs provide.

“The Boys & Girls Clubs give me the opportunity to be myself, and make my community better. I’m really grateful to have people I can count on.” — Johanna

When you support the Skagit Clubs, you’re not just sending a child to an afterschool program. You’re breaking the cycle of poverty in Skagit County. You’re funding good grades, hot, healthy meals, leadership development, career readiness, and more. Our programs are as vital to our community as street lamps, and your investment helps kids shine.

Mo, Johanna, and the 1,800+ other Club members just like them, need your help this holiday season. Please make a gift today to support the life-changing opportunities the Club provides. When you do, you’ll know that you aren’t just making a gift. You’re changing a life.