Concrete Boys & Girls Club


We are currently working with the Concrete School District to develop supports for kids and families for the next phase of services.

All Club sites will continue to operate under cohort models, with students placed in groups of up to ten, with no interaction between cohorts, in the interest of everyone’s health and safety. While this limits the free-choice developmental activities Boys & Girls Clubs are known and loved for, our staff has worked hard to recreate the fun Club experience our members and families have come to expect. 

It is anticipated that there will be some enrollment limitations. Specific program options and choices will be available as soon as possible, though likely not before Monday, August 24th. The new MyClubHub system will go live on Monday, August 17th. This will allow families to complete the bulk of the registration process in advance, to expedite enrollment choices.

CLUB HOURS: 2020-2021 School Year, TBD by the Concrete School District

WHO CAN ATTEND THE CLUB? Any youth in grades K-12.

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: Beginning with the 2020-21 School year, all membership registration and interaction will be conducted through the new MyClubHub system, launching Monday, August 17th. 

CLUB DIRECTOR (High School): Brian Gustafson

CLUB DIRECTOR (Elementary): Dakota Biggs

The Concrete Boys & Girls Club program will operate a hybrid 21st Century Community Learning Center CCLC) at Concrete Elementary (K-6), and Concrete High School (7-12). Additionally, to bridge gaps in service for younger members, a traditional Club program will be made available. This will be fee-based in nature, as additional organizational resources for support are not available at this time. However, some scholarships will be made available.

A snack and a healthy meal will be provided each day, at no cost, to participants.

Transportation (during regular, non-COVID operations): Two buses with limited space will depart the Concrete School campus at 5:30 pm, with final stops dropped by 6:30 pm, following supper each day. The following is the basic outline of each route:

Route 1: Town of Concrete, North of HWY 20 – Silo Park; Rockport; Marblemount

Route 2: Birdsview – Grandy Creek Store; Birdsview – Baker Store; South Skagit – Cape Horn; South Skagit – Skagit Village; South Skagit – Cedar Grove Drop

Transportation is a privilege and dependent on positive behavior each and every day. Youth who do not attend regularly may lose transportation privileges to allow others to participate more frequently.